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Do you enjoy taking on new challenges? Do you take pleasure in helping companies find solutions and optimize their operations?

Joining Global Partner Solution’s Team entitles you to step away from the mundane, explore multiple and “new” industries, work with leading companies, take on new challenges involving new companies and stay at the edge of tech working with the latest tools.

Being part of the team means that you won’t be working alone. Instead, you’d have the support of our Program Managers to help you facilitate your objective, and you’d belong to an ecosystem, working with a collaborative team that “has your back.” You’d be joining a large network of SMEs and connecting with leaders in your field across the globe.

Most importantly, working with Global Partner Solutions allows you to secure a work-life balance by assigning you projects within your area, saving you from a long commute, and giving you the flexibility to set your hours.

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Our Services

Our Supply Chain Services will ensure your deliverables are on time.

When it comes to on-site supplier recovery, we have you covered. We are NOT “reporting the weather” we are digging beyond the surface to get to the root of the problems!

GPSi has offices in North America and Europe. Our international presence allows us to offer some of the best and most reliable supply chain management services in the industry.

Our managed technical services provide you tailor-made and flexible approach” from the below section, the content: and replace the text with “From our network of seasoned and experienced resources, we’re ready to provide you with the expert you need to step in and support your operations: from mechanical engineers to CNC Programming, Buyers and Supply Chain experts, we’ve got you covered.

What distinguishes us at GPSI ?

Work locally within your area with leading companies in your industry

Be part of an ecosystem, working with a collaborative team

Stay at the edge of technology

Secure a work-life balance

Benefit from the support of our Program Managers

The most rewarding aspect of what I do, is the level of people’s talent and professionalism in the Aerospace industry. Furthermore, “what we do, flies”, literally. 

The experience of GPSI’s talent pool is very deep. Professionals with real-life experience and industry acumen to bring about solutions with great value, to the client’s needs.

My favorite thing about GPSI is the work ethic and the leadership example; the tools and the flexibility of deployment for solutions is powerful and effective. »

Supply Chain Specialist

Guilherme Bonatto

Guilherme Bonatto

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