We provide support from concept
to completion of your project



We provide support from concept
to completion of your project

Our managed technical services can help you overcome any challenge you are facing. We can support you by augmenting your existing department with on-site support at your facility through our team of highly talented programmers.

At Global Partner Solutions we operate throughout the world allowing us to offer you flexibility, speed, and adaptability.

Get the support you need from concept to completion of your project with our managed technical services:


Expand your CNC Programming capabilities!

We are your CNC Programming solution for tight deadlines and expansion of capabilities to assist with short to long-term projects.  We currently support all manufacturing tiers including major OEMs.

Extension of your CNC Programming department.

There are many different circumstances that create a bottleneck in your CNC Programming department. These include new work packages, engineering changes/rolls, machine failure/maintenance,  the list is endless. We are capable of providing solutions to these issues.


The Challenge – What do you do?

Your company just won a large package of work but were only provided 2D blueprints of the parts that need machined. What do you do? Call us.

The Solution – Convert from 2D to a 3D Model

Global Partner Solutions has the experience to turn 2D drawing into 3D models in virtually any CAD/CAM software. Let us take your burden and turn it into the finished product that your company desires.

The Next Step – Machining the Part

Once we convert your 2D drawings into 3D models, we have the capability to program these parts for whatever CNC machine you plan on producing the part through our CNC Programming department.

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We have the resources.

Delivering on-site support for an organization demands a precarious balance of staffing, database of experience, management of skill profiles, and availability to complete on-going projects. To remove the burden of resourcing and costs, GPS offers a comprehensive balance of engineering service.

We support all Engineering needs

Global Partner Solutions is capable of providing solutions for any phase of the engineering process in any manufacturing environment. With the 40 different categories of engineers, we have a database of skillsets for every category.

They work with us: