Supplier Recovery
in 3 Months

Industry: Aerospace

Scope of Work: 

The client requested the support of Global Partner Solutions to create and implement a recovery plan for one of its troubled suppliers. The supplier was late in delivering parts; about 80% of the overall production was late to P.O. demand dates. On top of this, the customer suffered from poor reporting, a weak quality system, and a lack of supplier management.


Our deployed agent made a thorough assessment and put together an aggressive but realistic recovery which all parties bought and distributed. The objective was to achieve: (0) late P.O. lines within (3) months.

Within the first week of our involvement, we introduced an efficient reporting methodology based on our client’s needs. Then, through exhaustive efforts, we were able to implement tools facilitating the measurement of various spheres of the manufacturing system. It specifically focused on its supplier base, where the absence of a predictable turnaround time was creating bottlenecks at final inspection, identification, and delivery to the customer. The agent deployed an expediting program with the intent to teach supplier management best practices. Later, the agent made an extensive analysis of the internal processes.


The results included a lean production cycle, detailed capacity planning for all machines, elimination of over quality, and more. Within the (3) month window, this supplier was on track and now continues to excel.

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3 Months

3 Months successful Supplier Recovery Program


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Dave Wardle

By David Wardle,
Vice President, Operations

David has been at GPSI since its inception in 2006. He is responsible for the development and execution of Operational Strategies. Prior to joining GPSI, David held several Senior Leadership roles at Boeing Toronto Limited/McDonnell Douglas Canada and accumulated over thirty years of Aerospace Management experience. David is Lean Manufacturing Certified, has earned diplomas in Human Resources Management and Aircraft Maintenance Engineering and is a graduate of the Boeing Leadership Centre.

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