Victoria Michaud-Febrile,
Success Story

Victoria Michaud-Febrile,
Key Account Manager

  • Could you tell us a little about your position and your experience with other employees?

    GPSI came into my career path at exactly the right time. I was looking for the missing link in my career. I have many years of experience in the aviation industry. I had spent most of it in a managerial role, due to my need to help others. It was an exciting road however there was always something missing!

    GPSI has opened the gateway that was missing in my career. I am a Key Account Manager. This also feeds the need to help, and it is never boring, yet familiar!

    It gives the opportunity to meet new people, learn new things and continuously improve myself individually and as a team member.

    The GPSI team is an amazing group of professionals and experts that have been the key to my success so far, and I am proud to say I am part of that team everyday.

  • We would love to hear your thoughts on the essential skills and attitudes needed for your role.

    In my role as a KAM, I could reach so many people. Finding the right talent for the client is not always easy, however with some great listening skills, analytics, perseverance, and Teamwork, we are usually successful in finding the expertise needed. The key account Manager role requires the ability to listen, and transfer the information required to fill gaps for our clients, even when they may not know themselves what the true requirement is. We build long lasting relationships to maintain open communication and the ability to support our clients as quickly as possible. In doing so we, build a bridge of trust and understanding between not only us and our client, but also the individuals we place for our clients.

  • How has your experience been working remotely with a team from different cultures?

    Working remotely is sometimes difficult, due to scheduling and time zones! GPSI is an international company, assisting in placements wherever the client needs help. The diversity is so educational! I am a strong believer in Humans. I am enjoying the differences in all the people I encounter, the languages, the ethnicities, the sounds, the music! I am such a better person, by meeting so many people! It brings so much richness to my everyday. It is truly an honor to be introduced to so many new things!

  • What motivates you to continue working for the company?

    I am extremely lucky to be surrounded by an amazing team at GPSI! The people make me come back for more every day!

    The sheer willingness to share, the guidance to be successful as a team, the growth and support offered to me as an individual. I have never felt more as a team member. I am grateful that GPSI has invested in their selection of their staff and has diligently invested in each of them to make it a wonderfully nurturing place to work.

  • What is it like to work for GPSI?

    I have learned more about myself as a professional in the last few months working with this team than I did in all my years prior. I am asked to take on training to better myself and keep myself current. I am asked to participate actively in all things GPSI.

    Although we are a beehive of activity and we are constantly leaning on each other for support and ideas; continuously working to satisfy our clients needs, GPSI takes the time to celebrate people, achievements, and growth on all levels.  We are not only appreciated for our professional goals but also our personal ones. 

  • Lastly, what advice would you give to someone pursuing a career in your field?

    I was a cashier and had an amazing opportunity to start at an aviation company 20 years ago! Take risks, don’t be afraid!

    Don’t give up! I wasn’t looking for GPSI, but they found me! I am learning new things; I am creating a new path and outside of my comfort zone! it is exhilarating to be here. Learn as much as you can, take every opportunity and failure as a learning experience and opportunity to grow!