Giolong International: Integrating sustainability
into the supply chain for competitive advantage.

Industry: Manufacturing
Client: Giolong International

Scope of Work: 

Giolong International offers a turnkey service in international sourcing, factory auditing, product development, and quality control. As a partner in the field, the company selects the best manufacturers for its customers and ensures outstanding service.

The sustainable supply chain management mandate fits perfectly with the company’s vision and mission. The supply chain is at the heart of Giolong International’s operational strategy. As a representative of its customers in various international markets, the company must promote foreign suppliers who share its values in terms of sustainable development, thus helping to instill a culture of sustainability among its customers. 


Global Partner Solutions worked with Giolong International to integrate sustainability criteria into its supplier selection process and update its audit questionnaire. By drawing up a sustainable procurement policy containing eight (8) principles, we formalized the criteria for selecting suppliers. In addition, we developed a code of conduct to add to future contract renewals, which sets out the sustainable development and eco-responsible practices expectations of suppliers.

For consistency, we modified the questionnaire leading up to the audit report to incorporate the sustainable development principles proposed by the United Nations. We also added questions concerning sources of supply, waste management, energy and water consumption, ethical and integrity standards, information security, and governance. 

Implementing these three deliverables has enabled Giolong International to deploy its sustainability vision internally and externally and thus improve the impact of its activities on its environment.


Reducing the risk associated with selecting suppliers who do not comply with sustainable development principles was a major benefit of this mandate. Giolong International can now rely on the rigor of its internal audit processes to ensure full compliance when selecting suppliers. The brand image has been maintained despite the international stakes of the countries where Giolong International operates. As a forerunner in its field, the company enjoys an advantageous position over its competitors.

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Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria are becoming increasingly important in the world of business. As companies strive to create socially responsible practices that align with their values and objectives, it is essential to consider ESG in sourcing and procurement.

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By Shantala Hickey,
ESG, Sustainability Supply Chain Manager

Shantala joined GPSI’s team in 2022, following her post-graduate diploma in Environmental Management. She is responsible for the ESG Division and the corporate social responsibility strategy. Before joining GPSI, she held several management positions at Bombardier Aerospace as well as Galderma, a company operating in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry. She has more than 15 years of experience in procurement, logistic, and production planning. The environment and sustainable development are undoubtedly her greatest passions.

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