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Supply Chain Management

Creating Value with Programs

When it comes to on-site supplier surveillance, we have you covered. We are NOT "reporting the weather" we are digging beyond the surface to get to the root of problems!

GPSi has offices in North America, Europe and Asia. Our international presence allows us to offer some of the best and most reliable supply chain management services in the industry.

Aerospace Focused | Rapid Response | Supplier Surveillance

GPSi will work tirelessly with its clients and their partners and suppliers to improve timeliness of deliveries.

  • We will have our specialists on site at your supplier locations anywhere in the world within days, immediately involved in supplier/customer issues of all kinds.
  • We will maintain and provide timely reporting as required by you. All our associates and operations managers are equipped with latest technologies to ensure ease of access and continuous communications with our clients via telephone and email.
  • We have developed our own parts tracking tool, which is linked to metrics that are easily viewable indicating "days of improvement" since GPSi mission start.
  • Because we use local (to your supplier) aerospace supply chain specialists, the cultural divide that can exist when someone is "parachuted in" from another region, is effectively gone. Not to mention the elimination of all travel and lodging expenses, always associated with a fly-in.

Other supply chain services we support and have specific tools built for:

  • Supplier assessments - Covering all organizations within a company: finance, operations, human resources, facilities maintenance, etc., with all key attributes being assessed and graded.
  • Rate readiness review - Assessments focused on identified suppliers who will need to ramp up their rates significantly based on OEM future build rate acceleration.
  • Bid proposal validation - We will review and validate proposals as received by your suppliers or potential suppliers.
  • AS9100 auditing - Quality specialists available to perform audits at your suppliers, primarily locally based.