Why Us



Lean Mind-Set and Rigorous Processes Set Us Apart

We are a worldwide company; our trademark is providing locally based solutions to our client base in most of the world.

Understanding each of our clients’ unique requirements, we are able to provide customized solutions to clients using flexible and proven processes.

Our services are delivered on an as required basis allowing our customers and their suppliers the flexibility of acquiring our varied service offerings where and when needed and only for as long as necessary. Our staff is selected using a rigorous recruitment process ensuring capabilities, security status and geographic proximity to the work sites.

Here are some tools, good practices and processes that are used:

Product Design & Engineering Deliverables Services

  • Engineering Costing, Forecasting & Scheduling Tool
  • Engineering deliverables tracking tool
  • Engineers Incubator -State of the art Training program

Supply Chain Management 

  • Urgent Recovery -> Deployment within 48 hours’ on-site at Supplier’s location. Daily reporting and Expediting.
  • Supplier Assessment 360° -> On-site audit, capability, capacity, risk evaluation and recommendations
  • Risk Assessment -> Risk identification tool, risk mitigation plan.
  • Supplier Scorecard