What We Do

Engineering Management

Creating Value with Processes

We offer multi-disciplined, fully managed engineering services. Whether your organization is large or small, we have support options for you.

Our team consists of tenured engineers that have supported aerospace clients globally. With our knowledge, we have developed tools to support engineering costing, forecasting, schedule compliance and many more. We have the expertise to support development of any tool to deliver critical data to the stakeholders and shareholders while delivering quality, on-time engineering to your organization.

GPSi has offices in North America, Europe and Asia. Our expertise allows us to offer some of the best and most reliable engineering support services in the industry.

Strategic Engineering | Exceptional Talent | Training and Development

  • White House recognized as Industry Best-Practice Program for “On the Job Training” for entry-level employees
  • On-site fully managed engineering support
  • Drafting 100% of the engineering drawings, creating BOMs, internal quality processes and revisions before release
  • Cost reduction through implementation of strategic design processes
  • Coordinating with client to resolve engineering discrepancies
  • On-time delivery of completed engineering to client stakeholders
  • Standardized engineering that is delivered to client
  • Fully developed KPIs
  • Design engineering agility to implement strategic processes to meet target schedules for program needs

Other engineering specific tools we have developed for clients:

  • Forecasting tool - Developed with a focus on determining actual time necessary for individual engineering model design and development. Value added matrixes developed on actual hours vs. forecasted hours to improve designer efficiency.
  • Scheduling tool - Schedules need date for engineering models and schedules start dates. Fully intuitive with our forecasting tool, customer specific need dates generated from their ERP systems. Will auto-update with need dates based on client requirements.
  • Entry-level engineer training and development modules - Fully developed training modules for entry-level engineers to develop and validate their experience. Developed and managed by design engineers with 20+ years of experience with many different aerospace OEMs. ASME standardized work processes and cell-environment work setting to support collaborative learning environments.