GPS Tech


Value through Versatility


Transforming outsourced services into a partnership

  • Direct Client Focal
  • GPS Point of Contact that will interface directly with the Clients’ stakeholders and Engineering Teams
  • Optimization strategies
  • Face to face collaboration and problem solving
  • Training and development on new processes and machining capabilities
  • Programming products are delivered through controlled processes
  • Document management system to prevent client file cross-contamination
  • Consistent programming layout
  • Standardized seed model structures
  • Support Partner who understands Manufacturing
  • Sr. Level Management that have many years of experience in manufacturing
  • Understand manufacturing cost structuring and NRE
  • Strategic and creative solutions to overcome schedule challenges
  • Source Code Delivery
  • Tape Validation through Vericut software

Strategic Engineering | Exceptional Talent | Training and Development

  • White House recognized as Industry Best-Practice Program for “On the Job Training” for entry-level employees
  • Senior Optimization "THINK TANK" Team
  • Cost reduction through implementation of strategic design processes
  • Coordinating with client to resolve engineering discrepancies
  • On-time delivery of completed engineering to client stakeholders
  • Standardized engineering that is delivered to client
  • Fully developed KPIs
  • Internal agility to implement strategic processes to meet target schedules for program needs

Other engineering specific tools we have developed for clients:

  • Forecasting tool - Developed with a focus on determining actual time necessary for individual engineering model design and development. Value added matrixes developed on actual hours vs. forecasted hours to improve designer efficiency.
  • Scheduling tool - Schedules need date for engineering models and schedules start dates. Fully intuitive with our forecasting tool, customer specific need dates generated from their ERP systems. Will auto-update with need dates based on client requirements.
  • Entry-level engineer training and development modules - Fully developed training modules for entry-level engineers to develop and validate their experience. Developed and managed by design engineers with 20+ years of experience with many different aerospace OEMs. ASME standardized work processes and cell-environment work setting to support collaborative learning environments.